Born in 1966, Cadinox, S.A is a family-owned SME that was initially established as a welding shop for the powerful local paper industry and has constantly grown and evolved towards:

- Closeness to the customers, typical of a family-owned company.

- Sectoral and geographical diversification, currently exporting more than 40% to 4 continents.

- Specialization in demanding niche markets in terms of technique and organization, becoming a European leader in scientific equipments.

- Integration of additional processes and solutions until the turnkey concept.

As an organization, we are evolving towards an open and participative culture in order to maximize our customers’ satisfaction, creating our own relationship style.


More than 9.000 covered square meters

Elevation means of up to 60Tn.

65 in-house workers

More than 10 M. € of revenue

4 machining centers up to 8m in diameter and 5 meters in height


It has been several years since Cadinox became a referent leader as a reliable supplier for international companies all over the world, offering engineering solutions and manufacturing complex mechano-welding parts by means of rigorous quality processes.

One of the main sectors covered is its growing presence in large scientific facilities, exporting technology that has been created and produced in its plant at Belauntza to leader countries in this sector all over the world, such as Switzerland (Cern), France (ILL, ESRF), United Kingdom (ISIS) or Japan (IFMIF), where it has become a referent provider for projects regarding particle accelerators, synchrotrons, pulsed laser centres, astrophysics or space.

Cadinox’s success is partly due to its expansion towards both international markets and new production sectors, success that has been motivated by the wish to adapt to its customers’ needs and requirements concerning their production models, always respecting firmly the agreed engagements in terms of quality and delays.

Today, Cadinox’s exportation has increased 45%, reaching countries such as the USA, Japan, Finland, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, China, Brazil or Saudi Arabia.