Paper: Cadinox’s origins

Back in the 1960s, Gipuzkoa, and more specifically, the region of Tolosaldea, enjoyed a thriving paper industry.  CADINOX took root in this environment and was founded in response to the growing demand for boiler-making services in this sector.

Within the pastry-paper industry, CADINOX’s experience is very broad, and it manufactures parts both for the machines and for the pulp preparation processes.

Among the machine parts, it manufactures both structural parts for wet and dry areas, as well as more complex geometries.

Formerly, all roller support structures in the wet area of the paper-making machines were manufactured entirely out of stainless steel.  Over time, and in order to save costs, the main body began to be ordered in carbon steel and covered (lined) with stainless steel plates.

Among the complex geometries, our experience in machine head parts and equipment stands out, where strict surface requirements are added to the demanding dimensional tolerances.

Within the family of equipment for pulp preparation systems, there are: pulp mixer screws, pulpers, tanks and hoppers, sieves, strainers, pulp dispensers, etc.

Recent Paper Projects