Trustworthy Spaces,
Shared Projects

We believe in another way of doing business, in which sustainable profits are the result of promoting individual and collective development, encouraging learning by authentically connecting individual and collective talents towards a shared and complete purpose.

We spread a different way of doing things, taking care of the “hows” as much as or more than the “whats,” where decisions are made with freedom and confidence, without fear or restraint.

This process of cultural transformation began with the generational change as a result of the current manager’s strong personal conviction, although it was not until 2012 when it began to synthesize into profound changes.

In a first phase, and with everyone’s participation, the vision was defined, which is symbolized by stars and graphically contains the project development strategy toward that vision.

We quickly saw the need to change the organizational chart, reinforcing the managers’ roles through the Committee on Development Information (CODI), being the body that leads the transformation.

Subsequently, the position of the Section Manager was created to give the workshop the support they had requested.

For social decisions, which includes salary policies and time organization, the CODE (Steering Committee + Trade Union Representatives) was created, with the consensus being the rule for decision making.  This is understood as the defence of the adopted decision (the best for the whole), although there may be differences of opinion.  This implies working in an intense and creative way to find the solution that satisfies everyone.  It is this form of work that consolidates the staff’s involvement in decision making and gives credibility to the information that is shared.

The “lan bilerak” (Basque for “working meetings”), are the largest decision-making spaces.  In them, all of Cadinox’s staff make decisions about strategic aspects, promoting teamwork, and facilitating personal alignment with the strategy.

The people’s talent is fostered through the Annual Performance Evaluation, where, in an environment of sincerity and trust, the contribution of each one is recognized and valued and areas of improvement in their contribution are pointed out to promote coordination between the commitment and spirit of continuous individual improvement and the necessary support for their development.

Recognition is practised not only in the economic sense (attractive salary policy and benefit sharing), but also with other reward and promotion methods.

It is in this framework of trust that we promote the integrity of our people.  We have informed and trained staff with the ability to self-manage make the best decisions, aligning their individual purpose with that of the organization.

The result is an organization that grows and learns.

VISION AND STRATEGY Management Each and every person.
STRATEGIC PROJECTS Management CODI (management committee) and self-managed teams.
STEERING Management CODI (management committee)
PROJECT MANAGERS Technical Management Project Managers
SOCIAL DECISIONS Management vs. union representatives (negotiation) CODE (CODI + union delegates) by consensus + lan bileras (meeting for everyone).
CALENDAR AND SCHEDULES Fixed Flexible according to individual, departmental, and global needs.
INFORMATION FLOW Biased in both directions Various flows, open communication.
ROLE POSITIONS Rigid Versatility
RECOGNITION Salaries through negotiation External equity (top salaries) + internal equity (meritocracy) + emotional salary (recognition, training, support, evaluation, social advantages, etc.) + sharing benefits
CONFLICT MANAGEMENT Management Through Protocol approved by all people.


Since its inception, CADINOX has maintained a collaborative spirit as a result of the conviction that certain results are only possible through cooperation.

So, in the 1980s, it formed a joint venture (Temporary Business Union) with 3 other boiler-makers in the area that allowed them to face a major project, achieving very good results.

This cooperative spirit is maintained today thanks to the close collaboration with some companies to address turnkey projects, especially in the field of science.

In addition, CADINOX is an active part of some associations in a continuous give-and-take exchange.

Standing out:

– Founding member of the INEUSTAR (Spanish Association of the Science Industry)
– Members of the Adegi Executive Committee (Gipuzkoa Business Association)
– Members of the Social Council of Tolosaldea Lanbide Heziketa, vocational training centre of Tolosaldea

Cadinox is a co-founder of the Ctech-nano company ( along with Nanogune and Diecaros. It is a start-up that offers solutions in the form of coatings (R&D services for coating development) and systems (design, manufacture, and delivery of equipment) in ALD technology (atomic layer deposition)