Project Managers

We are in direct contact with the client. Our mission is to understand our clients’ needs and translate them into specifications and procedures to achieve the best possible result. To do this, we need to speak the same technical and emotional language as the client and drive our internal teams.

The direct contact with your project
Unai Unzalu

Manager specializing in capital goods, mechanical assemblies, paper, and complex 3D technical designs.

Interests: Compete in cycling and Cross-Fit.

I apply the same discipline to sports training as I do to project management, because, in both training and at work, we must take care and coordinate many aspects to reach the goal.


Joseba Balerdi

Manager specializing in structural calculations (finite elements), new 3D designs, science, and paper.

Interests: Indoor football goalkeeper, working on vehicles.

16 years blocking balls and now leading a project to block neutrons: positions of responsibility on both teams, thanks to the trust placed in me.


Jon Alustiza

International Welding Technician (I.W.T.), manager specializing in pumps, nuclear, and pressure equipment.

Interests: Working on vehicles and hiking.

Our work is similar to a controlled march: we have to drive a vehicle (project) to the finish line (final reception), along a defined course (process), and having to reach some milestones (requirements and specifications) in defined times (deadlines).


Garikoitz Eizmendi

Manager specializing in oil & gas, hydraulic, science, vacuum, pressure equipment, aluminium welding, and complex 3D technical design projects.

Interests: Music, technology, browsing, and learning.

Sometimes they ask us to do implausible things, having to use our imagination, carry out tests, and even cross our fingers… but finally we succeed… and we reach a very gratifying realm of happiness and complicity with the client.


Iker Arrillaga

Technical Director & Managing Director. International Welding Engineer (I.W.E.), holds qualification certificates for visual, ultrasound, and penetrating liquid inspections. Specialist in materials and science, vacuum, and pressure projects.

Interests: Cycling and hiking.

We are the GPS of the project; we know your situation at all times and we provide all this information to the client.


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