Inspections/ Documentation

Following the quality principles based on the international standards that are applied in CADINOX, all manufacturing processes have an associated inspection and control process, generating a report that demonstrates compliance with the agreed commitments.

In the case of welding, the tests may be:

  • Surface (Visual Inspection, Penetrating Liquids, and/or Magnetic Particles)
  • Volumetric (Ultrasound and/or Radiography)

In addition to welding, the tests and inspections usually performed are:

  • Dimensional product control (both using 3D Laser Tracker and manual measurement tools)
  • Radiography
  • Pressure tests: hydraulic and pneumatic
  • Vacuum tests, leak test, RGA
  • Positive Material Identification (P.M.I.)
  • Paint measurement (thickness, adherence, and porosity)
  • Roughness measurement
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